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Whether you're a retailer looking to understand your customer behaivor, a manufacturer seeking to streamline processes, or a healthcare company in need of a track & attendance solution, we've got your back using our unique Machine Learning technology.
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Hi! We represent a video analytics service.
The main task of the service is to obtain certain information from a large amount of video data using artificial intelligence. We can do it quickly, not expensively, on request.
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Turn the Timerethink of your business
Combining the existing surveillance video archives and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies with the work of analysts, we produce a report that can help you improve your business.
Things a Timerethink report can help you do:
Monitor employee performance
We'll use your video archives to seek out patterns allowing you to keep an eye on your store, facilities, and employees
Increase your revenue
Learn how many people are visiting your store, figure out your sales conversion rate, and how your marketing campaigns influence customer sales
Minimize losses and theft
Our analytics automatically flag any suspicious activities and keep an eye on inventory both inside and around the building
Reinforce health and safety measures
Instead of hiring more staff, use the Timerethink pattern recognition technology to understand how COVID safety regulations are used in your facility
Here's how it works
The transfer
You either transfer partof the archives to us or give us access to them
We evaluate how applicable your video archives are to solve potential tasks
We analyse your case
Together, we determined confirm the tasks to be covered in the first report
Get the report
You get a report in a convenient format according to the requested parameters
What it contains
The report can contain shots with date and time stamps, video fragments and commentaries on the situations
Let's work again
Together, we determine the list of tasks and scope of work for further cooperation

Richard Miller
A retail store owner from San Mateo, California

Used the Timerethink report for customer behaivoral insights

With Timerethink, I made use of all that video data that was previously unused.

We chose to go with Timerethink because they understand the technical side of the issue. We had endless video archives in our systems from survaillance cameras that were just lying there, completely unused.

Timerethink team helped us gain valuable insights about who customers are and what they do when they enter the store. This improved our decision making on stocking shelves and helped us increase revenue.
Perfectly suited for...
Hospitals, clinics
Shopping malls
Logistic operators
...and all other businesses, big or small.
If you don't see yourself in this list, don't worry: we'll come up with a unique solution.
Video analytics can provide robust feedback for those running stores, and stores can test various layouts to uncover those that are more successful.

When paired with machine learning and other algorithms, retail organizations can uncover previously unexplored ways to raise customer engagement, create better (more tailored) products, and increase profits
Manufacturers and logistic providers
Video monitoring can also be used to detect product faults and find out where the manufacturing process can be further optimized.

Predictive maintenance is seeing widespread use, and video analytics can offer data no other tool can replicate
Theft, infant abduction, and drug diversion. Ensure the safety of their patients, staff, and visitors (COVID, etc.)

Shorten waiting times, clear out emergency waiting areas, reduce bottlenecks, monitoring employee time and attendance, labor tracking, and data collection
Cleaning service
Control of the schedule of attendance of the workplace by cleaning employees using video analytics. This will allow you to accurately determine the time of arrival and departure of the employee, form the calculation of remuneration

Oliver Baker
A logistical company owner from London

Worked with Timerethink on streamlining logistics operations

An impeccable level of service and attention to detail.

There are many video analytics companies that provide a similar service, but Timerethink works with tier-1 clients, which was an important decision factor for us.

In the end, I was thrilled with the impeccable level of service and attention to detail. I am recommending Timerethink to all my partners back home.
Want to save yourself the time, money, and stress, too?
Learn what Timerethink can do for your business today. Fill our a short questionaire and we'll contact you for a free consultation.
What you get with Timerethink
We work with the existing video archives, hence there is no need for integration.
You'll get the first results within the next few days.
Save time
With video analytics, you can save time on tedious tasks that previously required human effort
Automate work processes
Keep track of employees, time attendance, the adherence to health regulations, and other vital metrics for your business with ease
Grow profits
Video analytics can help you streamline your processes, understand your customers better, or provide valuable insights for your business
Make smarter decisions
We produce a report that complies with the criteria and directions approved by the client. The report becomes another tool that our client can use for internal decision-making
Case study: solution options
The client's employee worked as an operator. In order to review a 24-hour video archive, operator needed to work for 4 hours.
Operator spent on review a 24-hour video archive
Before Timerethink
45 min
Operator spends after the Timerethink AI modules
After Timerethink
What the report looks like
Here's an example of a report we've created for a security company.
The objective was to control how entry point security guards comply with regulations.
Turn the Timerethink
of your business today
Request a free demo of Timerethink technology and we'll analyze your current business video archive. First insights on how to save time, improve efficiency, or increase revenue – are on us.
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